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It’s BIG, It’s Exciting, It’s a NEW VENTURE for Kevin and Fred


Kevin and Fred discuss a very exciting turn in their business, the launch of http://KevinandFred.com. This is the last episode for Short Sale Power Hour as KevinandFred.com launches on Monday with a new social aspect and content that is new and better.

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Stop Taking Sides! Grind it Out!

Kevin and Fred talk about how some realtors make the mistake of just focusing on one lender.

So, stop taking sides.

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OCWEN and its President, Ronald M. Faris, Called Out as “Two-Faced”

ocwen-main-logoFred Weaver with special guest, Brian Gubernick, compare and contrast Mr. Faris' statement to the press and his actions behind the scenes. Revolting! Shame on you Mr. Ronald M. Faris!

Link to Article about OCWEN President Ronald M. Faris written by Kimberly Miller (Palm Beach Post Staff Writer) on 2/26/10 http://www.palmbeachpost.com/money/ocwen-financial-president-ron-faris-trying-to-make-292877.html

In the article above, Ron Faris states....

"People also think that we make money by foreclosing on a home. Foreclosure is not only bad for the homeowner, but it is also bad for the investor in the loan because foreclosure almost always results in a loss."

Now here comes the revolting part...

Email from OCWEN President Ron Faris to Brian Gubernick on 3/13/10...

From: Faris, Ronald [mailto:Ronald.Faris@ocwen.com] Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2010 8:59 AM
To: Brian Gubernick
Cc: Coykendall, Joshua

Mr. Gubernick,

Can you help me understand how a short sale will help the homeowner?   My goal is to find a solution that keeps the borrower in their home.  If that is not possible, then there is no meaningful difference between a short sale and a foreclosure sale.  If you have a buyer for the property, we can always sell them the property post foreclosure sale.  As it looks like you are a real estate agent I can understand that you are concerned about losing your sales commission.

I suggest you have the borrower contact Mr. Coykendal to see if there is any way for us to do a loan modification.


Ronald M. Faris

Please, please forward this to everyone including your Senators and Representatives.  OCWEN needs to be exposed for its hypocrisy!

Also, if you know anybody that works for OCWEN, on any level, please forward this link to them.  Or, feel free to write Mr. Faris yourself.