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Power of Social Media

Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver discuss the do's and don'ts of social media. Have you given thought to your "social media strategy"?

One – The Next Chapter

First it was 5, then it was 3, now it is 1...
Beginning this coming week, Kevin and I will shift to one regular video blog posting per week and the lucky day you can catch that video for the first time will be each and every Wednesday.  You see, we actually enjoy filming a lot of videos but the feedback we've gotten from talking to our friends, current viewers, and the people that don't like us (just kidding on that one) is that keeping up with 3 new videos a week each and every week is a little much.
We're excited about this change as it means we've got it bring it it even more each and every week.  We appreciate your support of us, our blog and our businesses and we look forward to delivering more great content to you beginning again on Wednesday, May 2nd!
Till Wednesday....have a great one!