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Real Estate Is Hard. We can't fix that... but we are going to try and make it bit easier for you by sharing what's worked for us.

From the Desk Of Kevin & Fred


We are Kevin & Fred and we want to help you take your Real Estate business to the next level.

Over the past decade, we’ve helped agents learn how to thrive in distressed and traditional markets, find lead generation strategies that don’t cause you to hate your life, grow a team that spans the country, and even simply get your first (or next few) deals.

Because of the competitive nature of real estate, many agents hold their successful strategies as secrets close to their chest. We say f*ck that. We want you to succeed.

And we think we can help you do just that...

So... Why do we do what we do?

*It’s because all of our biggests successes in Real Estate have come as a direct result of us giving back to the Real Estate community in a big way, but read on to hear the story*


When we first started out in real estate, we sorta “bet the farm.”

Kevin was just about to get married, quit his job in finance, and we had about $50 to our name.

We had to make paychecks if we were going to eat.

But at least we had good timing getting into the market, right?



We got into real estate in 2008, right as the market took the biggest dump it had in decades.

But we’re the kind of people who jump off a cliff and build a parachute on the way down.

So we got to work.

The minor amount of success we had seen at that point was in doing short sales.

Everyone else was running away from them, but we ran toward them because they were working for us.

Pretty quickly we saw that we had apparently figured out something that most agents were struggling with - so we started teaching short sales to agents every chance we got.

We hadn’t planned it - but that totally worked in our favor.

The more we taught, the more exposure our business had, and the more referrals we attracted.

Everything Was Unicorns & Rainbows For A While

until the market decided to go back to normal in 2013 and everything we learned in the short sale market essentially went away...

Nearly destroying our business in the process.

We had to reinvent ourselves and our business again.

We had to learn how to take a traditional listing. We had to learn how to attract a different kind of client. We had to learn how to build a new kind of business and a new team around it.

So what did we do?

We got to work.

We went on listing appointments and made asses out of ourselves. And kept doing that, until at some point… after slowly improving after each appointment… we weren’t making asses out of ourselves - we were taking listings.

We built a new business and learned a ton of new things in the process.

Borrowing from our early success, we went right back to the real estate community with what we learned - teaching every chance we could.

Again, this only served to help build our business further (not to mention all the other agents who have also built THEIR businesses through the help we’ve been able to provide).

Ready To Take Your Real Estate Business
To The Next Level?

Now, we’re ranked #66 in the country out of over 2 million licensed real estate agents

We consistently do tens of millions in volume and over 500 transactions every year.

And we’ve built a business that stretches across the country in five different markets.

But we haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from.

We still love to help bring agents with us by teaching from what we’ve learned.

We want you to maximize your potential in the real estate sales world.

To that end we've put together a number of resources we highly recommend:
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2. Check out our new podcast - the Next Level Podcast

To Your Success,

- Kevin and Fred