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Next Level Agents

Next Level Agents is a community of Real Estate Professionals who collaborate to grow their business to the Next Level.

NLA was started in 2016 as an Online Real Estate Mastermind in Facebook, quickly growing to over 24,000 members. Building on this incredible community, Next Level Agents now goes beyond the online community, with podcasts and live events.

NLA members discuss real estate trends, give advice, share stories, uncover insights, surface opportunities, and even connect in person.

As a Real Estate Agent, NLA is your "secret weapon" to blowing past plateaus and break through ceilings holding your business back.

Together, we're creating the freshest, most relevant content and conversations in the Industry.

Hey, We're Kevin and Fred.

As real estate agents ourselves we know a little about what it takes to grow a real estate empire. We've struggled and grown at every level from... closing our first deals... to doing millions in volume every year.

We use that experience to help agents like you in a number of ways.

First - For agents all across the world, we offer a ton of resources and ways to connect, including: free video content, the Next Level podcast, masterclasses, courses, coaching, and masterminds  - that are all designed to help you hit the next level with your real estate business.

Second - Our real estate company, Group 46:10, is always searching for cool people who want to join our team and build an amazing real estate business together. Whether you're brand new to the business, just starting to get traction, or seasoned and just looking for the right place to take your business... check out our "Join Our Team" page to see if we might be a good fit.

Regardless of where you fit, we hope we're able to help you take your real estate business to the Next Level.

-Kevin and Fred

Kevin and Fred's

Next LEvel Podcast

Listen in as Kevin and Fred bring you Quick Tips for Business and Interviews from Top Class Professionals for the Real Estate Industry.

Play Into Your Strengths. Know What Excites You. You Can Build A Massive Business By Doing Things That Energize You.



Kevin & FRED?

We have been where you are. We started our real estate agency in 2008 with less than $50 in our bank account. By the end of that year, we closed 60 deals. Since then, we've grown our business to millions in volume every year and have teams all across the country.

Today, we have helped countless agents get started and grow their own business to whatever level they desired.

Real Estate is hard work... but with the right mindsets, the right team, and the right information you can build a business that you can be proud of and that will provide a legacy for your family.

Click the button below to check out some of the resources we've put together to help you on that path.