Become an eXpert

Now that you have joined eXp, it’s time to get familiar with your brokerage.  Your first 30 days in eXp will determine how successful you are at this brokerage.  You must become familiar with the various resources. Additionally there are resources here to become an eXpert within your brokerage and take your knowledge (and income) to an entirely new level.  

Best Practices for Agent Attraction

Kevin and Fred will soon release a concise video summarizing their proven agent attraction strategies from their time at eXp. In the meantime you can catch some of the past webinars where different approaches have been discussed.

Partnering with Kevin and Fred

Kevin and Fred have constructed and leveraged resources that can be used to build the real estate business of hundreds of agents.  Click below to better understand the resources available to those who want to build their business along side Kevin and Fred.

Transitioning a Team to eXp?

We understand that there is more to consider when you are transitioning an entire real estate team.  Trust us, we know.  Here is a checklist to help your team make a smooth transition.

eXplore eXp World

This is a comprehensive guide to all of your resources within eXp.  Don’t rush through this, immerse yourself into this training. Take an orientation course, download the resources, make sure you get comfortable with what is shown in these 12 steps.  You can complete this guide in a day or two.