eXp Sponsorship

When joining eXp, you will be asked to name a sponsor.  A sponsor is the person that most influenced you to join the company.  Your sponsor is someone who is to provide support and assistance to you over the course of your career with eXp Realty.  Kevin and Fred want to ensure you meet all of your real estate and life goals and have several tools that will help get you to where you want to go.  See the below tangible tools and resources to better understand what team members receive after partnering with Kevin and Fred.


eXponential Collaboration Group Membership

This exclusive Facebook Workplace boasts over 200 members and growing.  This is a place to collaborate and mastermind on a daily basis.  View a sample of the weekly digest members get as part of this group.


Think Bigger

Think Bigger Conference

Receive admission to the 2-day Annual Think Bigger conference in Arizona where you will hear from mind-blowing speakers that will help you grow your business.

NLA Live

Next Level Agents Live

Get discounted admission to an International gathering of real estate agents and an invitation to an exclusive mastermind at the event.  This conference features industry-leading speakers from all walks of life.


2-3 deals

How to close 2-3 more deals in the next 90 days

Get access to this simple yet effective training to give your real estate business a huge boost.

Live, Weekly Training

Kevin and Fred lead a weekly "Growth Summit" training aimed at growing your real estate business.

Script Book2

Group 46:10 Network Scripts Book

Receive a copy of the comprehensive Group 46:10 Network scripts book.

Build a team

expansion bootcamp