Next Level Agents

Kevin and Fred co-founded Next Level Agents which started as a Facebook group.  That group now has over 25,000 members from dozens of brokerages, various experience level, and a multitude of backgrounds.  This group is an environment to collaborate and build your business while not being sold the "next best" product that you don't need.  The group is designed to meet each agent where they are at in their business and provide value through various mediums.  Check out the unique ways to engage in the Next Level Agents group.

Join Next Level Agents

Join the Facebook Group that started it all.  Here you can connect with 25,000 other real estate agents from around the world.  No matter where you are at in your business, you will find a community to help you overcome challenges, celebrate wins, and take your business to the next level.

Listen to Kevin and Fred's Next Level Podcast

While many of the guests come from the real estate industry, on the Next Level podcast you can hear from leaders in all industries.  Learn from the best on a weekly basis to advance your career.