ING Likes to Lose Money – ING CEO Likes to Lose Money


Fred and Kevin don't understand why ING likes to lose money.  ING CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann states that he would rather lose money than help homeowners.

ING shareholders...  Be very afraid...

ING is standing on it “principles” which – apparently - are to lose their stockholders money and bully homeowners who are trying to help.  Homeowners who are trying to save ING’s money over foreclosure. 

Check out this photo of Arkadi Kuhlmann in their headquarters, taken by Time Magazine in 2007.  I am sure the homeowner who was trying to help him, but got blackballed instead will love this photo… 

You have to especially love the painting in the background…  It appears to be a man tightrope walking using babies to balance himself as naked women dance/float in the air.


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  1. ron says:

    so when are you two guys going to clean up your act? the same shorts and black top, sitting on a black leather couch….get real, pretty childish in my view. Once in a while there is a nugget of good information but I have a hard time getting past the presentation.
    In case you’re interested in an example of a well done daily program, click on the link below. Think Big, Work Small.
    good luck.


    • Wredan says:


      Seriously, that is an example of a well done daily program…

      I can’t even concentrate on what they are saying with the music blaring and the two used car salesmen jumping between cuts.

      Just give me the info and be real…

      I do like their ending message: “Get out there and make something happen.”

      I watched a couple more videos and it looks like they know how to use a green screen… Wow… That’s what makes a good program? Background music and explosions and a green screen???

      For me, all I care about is info from people who are actually in the trenches working, doing the same thing that I am doing…

      I have a client that has a loan with ING, I now know what to expect. I got info from people who actual were able to escalate their problem to the CEO of ING… Who else has done that?

      Hey Kevin and Fred, don’t listen to ron…

      I don’t care what you wear…
      I don’t care what kind of couch you sit on…

      I just care that I now know what to expect when dealing with ING…

      I didn’t know that yesterday.

      Keep it up!

      P.S. Ron, if you aren’t doing short sales in real estate you might not understand why this info is so important.

      P.P.S. Ron, you actually like the last 5 minutes of that video… objectifying women? don’t you think they should “clean up their act”???

    • J Bridge says:

      It is just a different venue Ron. There guys are “real” informative and funny!

      Not everyone like the balck tie professional way of learning!

      I too love Think big Work Small…they get a little “dicey” too. It’s what makes it “Fun to Learn!”
      As a Real Estate Professional, I like to learn from ALL different ways. Thats what makes me current and poignant.

    • Stacy says:

      Ron, your videos may be considered well done, by car salesman. In no way do either of you come across authentic. You may not agree with Kevin and Fred’s same old uniform and black couch, but at last they are genuine. Quite honestly, it seems you posted this comment, along with your link, because you need more hits on your site.

      Kevin & Fred, keep doing what you do!

  2. Dominique says:

    This is very timely since my next short sale is an ING one.
    The CEO’s attitude reminds of a scene in the movie “The Adventures of Baron Muchausen” where the king sits atop a peak on a sinking island saying “This is not happening” as the island is going under. Pure wishful thinking.

    ING: the way you have treated my client so far is pretty abusive and what I’ve been told about your behavior is disturbing to say the least. I’m sure we’ll be butting heads soon.

  3. Coach Collard says:


    I’m going to challenge you to come out of hiding, and address the real issue…your identity and your own business.

    Apparently, you base your real estate and your approach to business on looks, not results. The TBWS guys have the same approach, just a different presentation. They expose truth, and what’s actually happening, while doing it with passion, excitement and determination. So does Group 4610!

    I’m going to go out on a limb, but I’m gonna guess you’ve done less than 2 short sales EVER! You obviously take the approach from the 80’s that real estate agents are entitled to something, and that there has to be some pre-defined level of arbitrary, abstract professionalism that only you are aware of.

    It’s 2010 buddy! WAKE UP! The internet, and blogging platforms, have enabled us to equal the playing field with big banks.

    If Fred and Kevin used a green screen and wasted their time with that, you would have to wait on the most relevant content in the industry to be watered down by the media and CDPE certifications.

    But, as it stands, in your description… as ‘pretty childish, in my view’…
    Your view as of right now, since you have no voice in the community that we are aware of, is IRRELEVANT and NOT VALID.

    Group 4610 on the other hand has over 1200 people a day, nationwide, using their site as a learning tool.

    I’m gonna suggest that you dig in too, and talk with people that know these guys…their family, friends, business associates and their CLIENTS…all 300+ of them that know that they CARE and have a relevant opinion… even in shorts and black top and leather sofa.
    You’ll find out that they are WORLD CLASS business men and EVEN HIGHER CLASS people, friends, husbands and givers!

    PS… Your statements are nothing but judgemental and short-sighted and SMALL. It’s think big, work small, not THINK SMALL, THINK OF YOURSELF BIG!

    PSS… It’s also very clear based on your comments that you don’t know short sales at all, but judgment. Maybe you should be a journalist… maybe do an editorial so you can rag on people for no reason. If you had any real short sale knowledge, you would 100% absolutely be able to get past their presenation and find the 246.7 billion ‘nuggets’ that they have offered up since November 9th, 2009 in these videos.

    PSS…well, I’m not going to go there.

  4. Dominique says:


    When you are invited to somebody’s house, do you go around and criticize the host’s choice of paint colors, taste in furniture, the food they’re serving you?

    This is essentially what you’re doing here: visiting somebody’s website and calling them childish and saying the videos are not well done.

    If you behaved like that in my house, I would kick you out rather swiftly.

    Maybe you set you your own website, produce your own videos instead of criticizing somebody else.
    Or maybe you should come on SSPH and show us all how it is done.
    See, Kevin and Fred are constructive guys and I’m sure they would give you the opportunity.


  5. Jill Rother says:

    WOW, how much do these guys get paid if their customers knew they would have funked Finance 101!! ING’s stockholders should know the truth about ING’s business philosophies!! They would pull their money ASAP!! Great job guys!

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