Short Sale Power Hour 11 11 09

By Kevin Kauffman | November 11, 2009 |

Today on Short Sale Power Hour, Kevin L Kauffman and Fred Weaver of Group 46:10 along with Coach Collard are going to discuss the history of Short Sales.  Coach Collard will actually talk about the first Short Sale ever in recorded history and then Group 46:10 will talk a little more around the Short Sale…

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Short Sale Power Hour 11-10-09

By Kevin Kauffman | November 10, 2009 |

2nd Day of Short Sale Power Hour – 11/10/09 Fred Weaver & Kevin L. Kauffman of Group 46:10 expand on Coach Collard’s teaching yesterday by handling the summary of the Outback Mindset.

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The First Short Sale Power Hour 11-09-09

By Kevin Kauffman | November 9, 2009 |

Today’s video features Coach Collard talking to us about the ‘Outback” and how Group 46:10, Kevin L Kauffman & Fred Weaver have used this one single mindset to close 200 Short Sales.  This is a great teaching and if you can get a hold of this message your business can take off!

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Kevin's Friday Preview for Short Sale Power Hour

By webmaster | November 6, 2009 |

Kevin previews what is to come. Interview with top Short Sale producer in Texas. Interview with the “Short Sale Genus” Plus an interview with a billion dollar real estate producer! Stay tuned!

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Fred's Thursday Preview for Short Sale Power Hour

By webmaster | November 4, 2009 |

Fred previews the upcoming launch of Short Sale Power Hour. Tips and Techniques Coach Collard will reveal that Short Sales go back to the Bible age

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Q&A Intro – Short Sale Power Hour

By webmaster | November 3, 2009 |

Coach Collard previews the Short Sale Power Hour that is launching November 9th by doing a quick question and answer session with Fred of Group 46:10.

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Monday Intro – Short Sale Power Hour

By webmaster | November 2, 2009 |

Fred shares how the Short Sale Power Hour will be broken down into: Mondays = Mindset Mondays Tuesday – Thursdays = Techniques Fridays = F’ed Up Fridays!  (or, Forgettable Fridays)

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Monday Intro – From the Beach – Short Sale Power Hour

By webmaster | November 2, 2009 |

Kevin give a preview of what will happen on Mondays – Mindset Mondays Did Kevin just crush Coach Collard? Is Coach Collard wearing dreadlocks?

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From the Beach with Dreadlocks!

By webmaster | November 2, 2009 |

Coach Collard introduces while wearing dreadlock – while on the beach in San Diego. Apparently, Coach Collard like Ricky Williams and Texas football… Did Kevin just CRUSH Coach Collard!

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